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Challenge 12 - I Love, I Love, I Love...

DISCLAIMER: I did not realise until I trawled through hundreds of caps how Braca’s face never changes in expression – seriously a lot of these caps from different seasons and eps look absolutely the same! \O/ I guess that’s an acting achievement all by itself!

A day in the life of Meeklo Braca

I have often wondered, and I am sure you have too, what’s behind those big brown eyes of Mr Smithers Lieutenant/Captain Meeklo Braca.

We have admired him through the cycles carrying out his duties without a complaint or a whimper, standing by his superiors and stoically obeying orders with a committed, expressionless face – but who is the real Braca and what type of mind rules this commendable Peacekeeper specimen?

The epic adventures of Farscape have not allowed us to delve into the day to day life of our hero – the menial tasks, the mundane activities, the little jobs Crais first, then Scorpius, then Grayza and then Scorpius again assigned him and the way he elegantly and flawlessly carried them out.

Below is a little slice of Braca’s ordinary life, his thinking, his acumen, his total commitment to a cherished life of service.

On the bridge of Scorpius’s Command Carrier

“Where is my precious darling, Braca? I assume you have attended to him as I asked…now bring him to me”


‘His precious darling? What is he talking about? I vaguely recall his request…I was grooming myself, contemplating how to grovel my way to the top when the order was delivered to me…that much I remember!’


With a super-Sebacean effort he throws his mind back to a few arns earlier and finally – an epiphany! ‘Oh yes, of course, I remember now and yes, yes I did do it…earlier today!’


“So where is he, Braca?” Scorpius hisses impatiently


“Well, sir, I will fetch him momentarily, do not fear!”


Braca leaves the command carrier’s op centre and freezes in the corridor…


‘Be calm Meeklo, you walked him, fed him, watered him…did you forget to secure him in his cage? Where would the little critter be? Could he have been injured, fallen to his death, air-locked by mistake?’ Fear courses like ice through his veins at the thought of displeasing his master…


Suddenly little paws grab his (very thin) calf and sudden and welcome relief swamps his chest.


Scorpius’s secret weakness is safe and sound and has just found him in the nick of time!


He proudly returns the little ugly vorc to his beloved master – a little jealous of the affection shown to this insignificant being but chuffed beyond words when he is rewarded by a hug!


So here we go, this is Meeklo Braca, an officer, a gentleman, an outstanding Peacekeeper…a bad pet carer.

A brief glance behind his big brown eyes has finally shown us what goes on there…not very much at all!

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