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Challenge 03 - Bringing Home the Reason!

Here are my favourite 10 moments (2 per season) however I can only stand over them for the time that I am actually writing this because my mind changes by the microt about which ones are actually my favourites…I guess when I press that post button I am stuck with them! :)


Moment 1 – DNA MAD SCIENTIST (the cutting off of the arm)

Premise: I was really enjoying this show, I mean what was not to enjoy? A hot male lead, a hot female lead, hot chemistry between the hot male and the hot female lead (did I mention they are hot?), wonderful animatronic characters, beautiful make up and costumes, nice adventures, beautiful CGI, a living ship (my love affair with Moya is a very private matter, all I will say is that it was at first sight and will never end) with symbiotic Pilot and then…BANG!
Photobucket Photobucket
DNA Mad Scientist comes along and I am sitting up in my chair absolutely appalled, dismayed, disgusted ! They cut Pilot’s arm off – how could they do that to such a gentle, defenceless being???!!!??? When my outrage calmed down a little, I started thinking (highly unusual for me) – what if I had been in their shoes? What if had been imprisoned and tortured for cycles, away from my home and my people – would I not be prepared to do the same? Of course I would like to think not, but am I really that noble? It’s easy for John and Aeryn to pass judgement, they have nothing to lose and neither do I here in my big, fat, comfy armchair…that’s it I was hooked! These aliens are not heroes, they are not perfectly good or perfectly bad, they are selfish, they are grieving, they are cruel, they are homesick, they are HUMAN! D’Argo’s guilt at the very end where he plays his instrument for Pilot, it may appear hypocritical but wouldn’t we feel the same?

The shippy bits of John and Aeryn of course were also (as always) very cute and very much appreciated (how cute is John when he gives her the plate with the smiley food cubes? You just want to put him in your pocket and take him home! And how funny is Aeryn when she says “me on a planet with six billion of you?! LOL…by the way does anybody know where that planet is because my bags are packed!) …but I digress...those two have that effect on me… the other part that fascinated me and made me see this show as something apart from the others I had seen that far was the amazing visual effects – I just loved the holo star systems created by Nam Tar – fantastic!
Photobucket Photobucket

This truly was the start of my love for the show, which only increased episode by episode (with a few notable exceptions!)

Moment 2 - A Human Reaction – The Kiss (J/A shippiness alert!)
Okay, I am not very original, I admit it, I thought long and hard about this but really this episode and that moment in particular had to feature in this list. I was actually tempted to list the entire episode as my moment however I decided to try to narrow things down a little where possible, so I chose the kiss. Why? Well if you are asking you must be blind! I mean, that is absolutely, no shadow of a doubt , the most sensual, romantic, mind frelling hot build up to a kiss I have ever seen on any screen (and sadly in real life too! :() EVER!

The whole scene – starting with Aeryn sitting on the bed and John standing at the window - is written and played beautifully. Their conversation, his snappiness, his apology, her sweet and slightly ironic acknowledgement of it, her admission of the beauty of Earth, his slow sitting down beside her, bare shoulders brushing, the way he asks her had she been afraid to come with him, her hesitation and honest answer, the closing of his eyes when she says yes and the reopening of them at her statement that she will not be recaptured alive, the tilting of his head sideways and the turning of his torso towards her and finally, the leaning first of his forehead on her shoulder and then of his lips, the gentle probing invasion of her space, her slight pulling back at first followed by capitulation….SIGHS…honestly those two are hot and that kiss, even though we only see a gentle pressing of the lips and nothing more IS HANDS DOWN THE BEST BUILD UP TO A KISS I HAVE EVER SEEN – I dare you to show me a better one!
The entire episode was first class television (with maybe the exception of the skinny, rabbity looking alien :))

…and just to lower the level of the conversation, has anybody ever seen a man look better in a wife-beater? Even the bruise he sports on his right shoulder in this scene actually looks sexy!
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

Moments that could have easily made the top two at any other given microt:

The terrace scene at the end of Exodus from Genesis – stunning visuals and demonstration, if any was needed even this early on, of the amazing rapport these two bring to the screen.

The last scene in the Flax – John walking away and turning around to look back at her as she does exactly the same – that moment I knew that I would love these two forever and that in the hotness and chemistry department they had no competitors whatsoever

The “This is the Radiant Aeryn Sun” moment in The Hidden Memory…sorry John but at this point your goose is cooked, this woman IS the one and we know it, you know it…well she hasn’t admitted it to herself yet but, yes, she knows it too!


Moment 1 – CRACKERS DON’T MATTER – the entire ep

I just had to go for this one, to me this is just so intrinsically Farscape – it is funny, it is abrasive, it is bitchy, it is witty, it is cruel and did I mention funny? I just love all of it, the entire cast is brilliant in it with no exceptions. So many moments that can be quoted, these are just a couple:

Zhaan enjoying the pulsar light over and over and over again…okay I was about to say something else but I won’t…

Aeryn and Chiana bickering – D’Argo and John intervening – D’Argo defending Chiana and Aeryn defending John (that bit cracks me up)

D’Argo cruelly and violently force feeding crackers to Rygel and then at the end apologising followed by Rygel dignified replied

Pilot snarkiness at John (I'm only judging on my experience with you - but I've never seen such a deficient species) and John’s reply “watch football” when asked “Is there anything you do well?” LOL

The where is my ice cream bit.

Rygel – I never run away, I strategically manouver.

The Aeryn/Rygel alliance and the awful insults they exchange.

John and Aeryn shooting at each other but of course missing on purpose (…that is a recurrent theme, doesn’t that happen in a Prefect Murder too? ), again the exchanged cruel insults (Aeryn : You self important, deficient little man. John: frigid, flat butted Peacekeeper skank” - OUCH people words hurt!) The Romans used to say in vino veritas and I guess in this case we can say in pulsar luce veritas – yes they are out of control but isn’t there a nugget of what they really think in there?


Scorpy and his technicoloured shirt – Pizza and Margarita shooters…

The 20/20 vision scene and of course Farscape at its comedic best : the puke scene (“It is puke!”) and John, face covered in green puke wearing a leather aviator helmet, a cape, a piece of Aeryn’s prowler as a shield and brandishing D’Argo’s Qualta blade…and the pure genius bit – he strikes a Master or the Universe pose and hums the Ride of the Valkyries tune – this is comedy at its best, people!

…and doesn’t Moya look beautiful all glowy in space?

Finally the last scene, when things have got back to normal – John and Aeryn’s guilt and embarrassment - “How do you take it all back, Zhaan?” – just perfect!

Moment 2 – Die Me Dichotomy (all of it but in particular Aeryn plunging to her death)

This episode took my breath away from beginning to end. A superb season finale packed with drama, heartbreak, creepiness, pain, loss, love and despair. Seriously if you are a masochist (which I truly believe all Scapers are) you can’t but love this. In brief:
John’s descent into utter madness punching an inexistent mirror until his hands bleed and Aeryn trying desperately to bring him back to reason, to her, to himself.


The neural cluster scene, where Aeryn finally opens up and tells him she is there for him and she will be forever – I don’t know about you but I sat up in my chair (where I had plunged deeply in sorrow just a few microts earlier) and shouted at the screen “NOOOO, Aeryn , that’s not John, NOOOO, it’s the clone!”

The chillingly creepy licking of her nose by John/Scorpius after he has cruelly knocked her out – how about that?


Zhaan’s mind rape when she is also tricked into believing it is John she is helping

The breath-taking chase among the white canyons of the ice planet

Aeryn realising that she is about to die and the beautifully tear-filled delivery: “I hope you meant what you said in the neural cluster. I did!” I unashamedly cry every single time and I mean every single time, no fail!
(cap compliments of Marie who actually went out of her way to capture it for me because it is not on the Farscape Caps page)

Followed by her plunging in the icy water and resurfacing only to call his name once in full and a second time only to be swallowed up by the lake
..and that floating hand, which just carries my crying into proper quiet sobbing.

John’s desolation: “What have I done…”

The funeral – of which my favourite part is when a shackled and manacled Crichton asks D’Argo for his knife and in spite of everything that has just happened, after just a brief hesitation and and exchanged glance with Zhaan, the Luxan hands it to him. That chokes me up every time.

And then the scene of John secured to the Diagnosan’s table being asked if he wants to keep the memories of Aeryn that have just flashed up on our screen… his eyes open and he doesn’t answer.

This is a whopper of an episode.

Moments that could have easily made the top two at any other given microt:

Picture If You Will and Dream a Little Dream… LOL…only joking, no way Jose!

The “I was lips, you were tongue” line at the beginning of the Princess Trilogy – brilliant!

The last scene of the third of the Princess Trilogy – seriously people – that is one heck of a scene! They two of them are just perfect in it..and that touching of tongues…drool alert…and those smiles at the end…it is a long silent scene but it should have lasted 10 times as long to even start being in the ball park of being long enough!

Won’t Get Fooled Again – abrasive, funny, heart-breaking, witty and whacky..just pure Farscape..excellent!

The Entire trilogy of Liars, Guns and Money but particularly Part 3 …excellent build up to my second moment above.

Season 3

Okay this was hard – so many highlights, my head almost exploded, however I have finally settled on the following:

Moment 1 - …Different Destinations – the entire ep

I have finally chosen this one because again for me this represents the very essence of Farscape.

It offers some light extremely funny moments, heartbreak again (when do we ever NOT get that!), wistfulness, empathy, despair, helplessness and overall sadness and dejection about something that it is out of our hands and no matter how hard we try, we cannot make it better…maybe not on that scale but I am sure that we have all felt that bitterness at some stage in our life.

It is hard to choose because it’s the story in its entirety that I love however there are some scenes that stick out:

The funny ones, Jool being made to drink urine and then dunked in the puddle of mud – LOL

My favourite funny scene, which I think is so funny because of Ben’s awesome delivery - John running up and down on the ramparts trying to make it look like there is an army defending the walls:

"D’Argo: What are you doing?
John: I am making like an army…TONY MONTANAAAA…I’am gonna have a heart attack!"
I laugh every time!

And how about Aeryn’s compassion – do we all remember episode one, when she asks Crichton “Compassion, what’s compassion?” How far has she now come? Looking up at sweet wide eyed Dacon, the cook, whose destiny is marked - pain, pride, encouragement and yes pure compassion in her eyes:

“Sub-Officer Dacon! You are a soldier. A brave hero.”


The heart wrenching conversations between D’Argo and Cyntrina and John and Kelsa.

Harvey sitting beside a tied up John playing Home on the Range on a mouth organ, wearing cow boy boots with his name written on the soles, like Woody in Toy Story (classic!).

John throwing the visor away in horror at the screams of the nurses and Aeryn, as heartbroken as he is but trying to console him – although sometimes there is just nothing you can say to make things better


And the final scene, D’Argo looking for and finding the mark of young Cyntrina etched in the wall – she had wondered would anybody remember her, D’Argo does. What can I say? Sad and beautiful.

Moment 2 – The hangar scene in Dog with Two Bones but in particular the looks at the coin toss.

Again I am not going to be very original here but this scene for me is a masterpiece of pure unadulterated angst – played beautifully, you almost suffocate at the pain emanating from both of them – seriously these two should have won many awards based on this scene alone.

“Do you love John Crichton? Not me, not him, John Crichton” “Yes” “Well then what does that taste like?” followed by that torturous, resisted kiss and her devastating answer “Yesterday”


Wow Aeryn just take a knife, stick it in his gut and twist, why don’t you!

“Do you love Aeryn Sun?” “Beyond hope” “Then don’t make me say goodbye and don’t make me stay!”

Seriously Aeryn, take another knife, stick it in his ear this time and twist!


But my absolute favourite moment within the moment: the choice Ben and Claudia made at the coin toss – Aeryn looking up anxiously at the coin in the air and John looking at Aeryn – that has so much more impact than just having the two of them looking at the coin – a brilliant dramatic choice.
Photobucket Photobucket
In my opinion this scene should have marked the end of the episode.

Moments that could have easily made the top two at any other given microt:

Here the list could go on forever..

Aeryn coming back from the dead in SOD and appearing in the wind and snow, hair whipping around followed by John hugging and clinging to her in disbelief and relief – J/A shippiness at its best…

The hangar scene in SOD “I love you” “I love you too” and that knee weakening kiss that sees them sink to the floor – cold shower or a dip in a frozen lake or a Valium please needed now!!

GEM – all of it – perfect episode – snarkiness, jealousy, anger, action, comedy (Stark and Rygel are priceless) and heart melting romance at the end…and let’s not forget it gave us the drannit, which is a source of continued amusement and speculation in the entire Farscape fandom!

Scratch ‘n Sniff – whacky fun from beginning to end with a tinge of sinister – perfect entertainment!

Talyn John’s death scene – again awards should have rained down on both of them – too painful to linger on…

Revenging Angel – Some people love it, some people hate it, I went from dislike to intense love

Scorpius ascending the stairs while water cascades down in Into The Lion’s Den II – an unforgettable scene


Moment 1 – Terra Firma – most of the ep and in particular Aeryn with tears in her eyes shooting away at the Skreet

Great episode – every time I see it, I cannot believe that the writers managed to jam so much so flawlessly together in 42 minutes – it doesn’t feel rushed, it still offers great moments and yet it is only 42 minutes long. Bravo!

My highlights of it (and I must say that Claudia/Aeryn really steals the show):

How Claudia manages to make Aeryn look like a total alien sitting down in Jack’s sitting room looking at family pictures and Mr Jingles – she looks human, hell, let’s be honest she is human (even though many think of her as a Goddess :)) and yet she has never looked more alien than in those scenes.

Aeryn’s expression after seeing Caroline kiss John – you feel her pain and her attempt to mask it in the very depth of your bones!


Her conversation with Jack in the Prowler about John – perfectly pitched by both of them.

Caroline and Aeryn on the terrace discussing John – Aeryn is so endearingly naïve and innocent, again she is so ALIEN compared to Caroline – another perfect scene

And then my favourite, Aeryn and John in Jack’s sitting room – Aeryn asking him does he want her to leave Earth – tears filling her eyes – seriously no man could have resisted that and I really want to believe that John, had the Skreet not interrupted them, would have grabbed her and dragged her upstairs to the closest bedroom – either that or those Noranti drugs turn men into eunuchs!
Aeryn, tear stained face, blasting away with her pulse pistol at the invader.

And of course the immortal “Merry frelling Christmas!” which is now my new festive greeting.

There are other great moments too, like John and Olivia looking at family pictures and John’s goodbyes to both his sister and his father – all in all a great episode…well not so much for DK and Laura, but for us viewers a real treat!

Moment 2 – this is short and sweet you will be relieved to know! – John and Aeryn on Moya’s pod closing the wormhole in Bad Timing

John: You know what scares the hell outta me? From the first moment I laid eyes on you - I could never see the end.

Aeryn: What scares me - is I always could.

Photobucket Photobucket

This makes my knees go weak and makes my breath catch…these two have come so far, through so much together, starting from such diametrically opposite backgrounds and experiences and yet here they are finally together, truly one and truly united now facing together whatever the future holds whether it will be death in the next few microts or life in the unknown.

Moments that could have easily made the top two at any other given microt:

The last scene in a Prefect Murder with John gently laying a hand on Aeryn’s head and Aeryn tilting her head into it…SIGHS

The last scene on Command of Bringing Home the Beacon – heart-break in its purest form!

John’s face off with Sikozu in a Constellation of Doubt – tension filled, perfect drama – great acting – excellent episode overall

The “Stay” scene at the end of Fetal Attraction – man, she asks you to stay, you stay, no choice in the matter!

The Elevator dance – which for a long time was actually my number 2 moment – one of the most romantic scenes in any show – her smile and the way she lays her head on his shoulder – I dare anybody not to squee, if you are squeeless, there is something wrong with you, my friend!

The very last scene before they get crystallised in Bad Timing, when Aeryn takes his face in her hands (which was always John’s trade mark move throughout the seasons), looks at him with love and just kisses him passionately – if we are going to die, we’ll die kissing and in all honesty if you are going to die, I can’t think of a better way, can you?


Moment 1 – D’Argo’s Death scene

Okay, again I thought hard and long about this and there are so many J/A scenes I came up with, it’s not even funny however even though I am still vehemently protesting at the awful decision of killing off my D’Argo (yes, I said my, is that a problem?) I have to admit that the way the scene was written and acted did not make me nauseous. They could have been melodramatic, they could have been over the top, they could have made it a truly distasteful moment (as so many main character deaths can be and have been) but I thought that two moments in particular were beautiful:

The warrior to warrior almost silent acknowledgement of the end between Aeryn and D’Argo

Aeryn: Can you make it? D’Argo only shakes his head to say no and when Chiana approaches, Aeryn simply looks at him for a moment and walks away – there is no more to be said – this is her goodbye to a friend and fellow warrior.


The final friendship/bromance moment between John and D’Argo

CRICHTON: You're the closest friend I have.

D'ARGO: You could've done better.

CRICHTON: Nowhere in the universe.

D'ARGO: You got a lot of life to lead, John. Do big things. Do me a favor?

CRICHTON: Name it.

D'ARGO: Chiana.

CRICHTON: I'll look after her. I'll take care nothing's gonna happen to her.

D'ARGO: Go away. I wanna speak to Chiana.

They both laugh as they have often done together in the last four cycles in good and bad times – and unavoidably at this point here come the tears for Vdog!

CRICHTON: I'm gonna miss you.

Photobucket Photobucket

An excellent goodbye to a character whom I grew to love with time.

Moment 2 – The build up and unleashing of the wormhole weapon

This scene is one of the most memorable of the entire series, it is in fact the culmination of everything that has happened to John Crichton and his friends up to now – this is what they have been chased, tortured and raped for and I think the CGI and the writers did it justice.

The tension increases microt by microt and the acting is great all around.

John’s despair and knowledge that what he is unleashing means the end of thousands, hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of lives.

Aeryn's firm, gritty determination to stand by her man and support him in what needs to be done to force peace even if it means death for them and their new born son.

Photobucket Photobucket

Scorpius’s willingness to beg and the awe (is there maybe finally also a little doubt?) in his expression when the true power of the weapon is revelead

Chiana’s despair and wish for revenge.

Rygel’s quiet dignity in facing death

…and the wormhole weapon swallowing ships and the planet and exponentially increasing in size until all we see is a flaming ball of destruction.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


Moments that could have easily made the top two at any other given microt:

The second attempt at their getting married on Moya’s command – John is grumpy but Rygel makes a great speech and the two of them just look at each other, smile and shyly hold hands – aww so sweet.

Aeryn teasing John about the baby’s name on Arnessk and then walking away with her pulse pistol raised – LOL

The birth of Little D – just a great scene all around and little slice of heaven for J/A shippers

The scene when Aeryn leaves the baby with a comatose John and his coming around and talking to the baby and that smile that lights up Aeryn’s face at the “Where is your mother?” – another slice of heaven for J/A shippers.

And of course the final scene on Moya’s terrace – the naming of Little D’Argo and the “this is your playground” final words – large slice of heaven for J/A shippers and I am sorry but after four years plus of angst and suffering WE DESERVE IT!!!!!

This is it, they are my 10 moments…now I am off looking for a wormhole in the hope to get sucked up through it and brought straight to Moya..because really Moya is where I want to live, I would stick a bed on her terrace and gladly explore the stars with her and Pilot…what is that you say? There are people in white coats heading my way? Okay, then I’d better scoot!

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