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Challenge 14 - Farscape Land - Ultimate Fan!!!

I have absolutely no idea if this is what your expected from the challenge, Jo, but that's what you are getting! ;D

1. D'Argo

While on Earth, John took D’Argo to see a Star Wars marathon, all three original movies in one sitting, it was meant to be a bonding experience over some of Earth sci-fi, which D’Argo would surely find hilarious and for which he would surely tease John for cycles to come….or so John thought!
Little did he know D’Argo would become an avid closeted fan!

A few weekens after leaving Earth, Rygel was rifling through D’Argo’s quarters in search of some of the delicious food they had taken with them, his share of which he had already scoffed and digested and to his surprise under the Luxan’s bed he found:

Excited, Rygel thought he might have found some new type of delicious untried delight, but was sorely disappointed when from inside the well-worn out box he pulled three battered VHR cassettes. He snorted in disappointment and nonchalantly threw them down the waste funnel. Strangely, for a few weekens after that, D’Argo’s mood darkened, his temper flared and everybody made well sure to give him a wide berth.

Not so long after this, Aeryn entered the exercise room and, searching for some of her old PK equipment at the bottom of a crate, she came across five items carefully stashed away:

Confused and mystified she studied the objects, they looked like weapons but on more accurate inspection they did not seem to be functional in any way. Later that day during third meal she asked the rest of the crew whether they knew what these strange objects were. Rygel, Chiana, Noranti and Sikozu shrugged their shoulders, D’Argo loudly denied knowing anything about them, while John shrewdly looked at his big friend and smirked.

After the events of Katratzi, Chiana finally made it back into D’Argo’s good graces and his bed. They had just spent a very satisfying and energetic night of good recreational exercise in D’Argo’s quarters.
Chiana stretched like a happy cat and looked longingly over to the shower occupied by her big Luxan male and in so doing she strayed over to his side of the bed…revelling in his manly and arousing smell, she slipped her arms under his pillow but stopped short when she felt something foreign, hidden well at the back of the pillow, jammed between the headboard and the thin mattress…curious she pulled the object out and came face to face with

Puzzled she wondered what this ugly thing might be, she was still studying it when D’Argo stepped out of the shower and saw her holding one of his most treasured possessions. He stopped dead, Chiana looked up and she could have sworn she saw her fierce warrior blush!

2. Jool
The DRDs on Moya are relieved to hear of Jool’s decision to remain on Arnessk if nothing else because at least their metal bits are now safe from sudden melting following one of her many tantrums.

Pilot orders them to go to her quarters to pack up her remaining stuff and store it away in case she ever makes her return to Moya. The obedient little drones get down to the task keenly and enthusiastically, however after emptying out one of her personal chests, the general opinion among them is: “ You really never know with people, do you?”

Jool, the prim and proper little Interion princess with her many academic degrees, airs and graces has a dark secret…dominatrix or leather fetishist? I guess they will never know unless she makes a come back, but this is what they bring back to Pilot for inspection:

Pilot, perplexed, orders them to store everything away in a remote place…Cholak forbid Scorpius ever gets his hands on this stuff!
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