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Challenge 4- Everything is Linked

I would just like to say that some challenges are absolutely brilliant and click with you, some others don't!  This one left me totally blank for days and days and days and in spite of posting it I am still blank about it!

I am sure I could have done something funny, sad, sexy or funky but I chose the option of abysmally BORING!

Aliens of Farscape


As famously and sarcastically described by a red headed Interion, Peacekeepers are Sebacean, intellectually suited to carry a weapon and to die marching in formation.
In spite the quite denigrating description, centuries and centuries ago Peacekeepers were actually chosen and genetically enhanced by the Eidelons to be a force of peace in the galaxy. Only after the loss of power and eventual disappearance of the Eidelons from the prominent races of the galaxy, Peacekeeper society changed into a military organisation with very strict hierarchic rules. Their present role is to hire out their mercenary services to defenceless societies and exploit their hegemonic role to maximum self-interest.
Most Peacekeepers are born and reared aboard massive space-ships, called Command Carriers. Others are forcibly recruited from non-military Sebacean settlements. All are trained to obey without question the orders of their superiors, to fight to the death if required and to consider all other species as inferior. Love and close interpersonal relationships are forcefully discouraged and punished if formed. On the other hand promiscuity in the form of recreation is widely accepted and encouraged as a form of tension release and fulfilment of biological natural urges.
Their preferred weapons are pulse pistols and pulse rifles.
Their fleet is made up of Command Carriers accompanied by a myriad of smaller vessels such as Scrub Runners, Prowlers, Marauders and Pantak Class Vigilantes.
John Crichton is a pain in their eema.

Another transport used by the Peacekeepers is a Leviathan. Once captured it is enslaved by a control collar and used mainly as cargo transporter or prison ship. Leviathans are of enormous size and due to the huge numbers of cargo holds as well as cell type accommodations they offer, they lend themselves well to these purposes.
However Leviathans are actually a sentient species of their own known as biomechanoids, partly made of biological and mechanical systems. They are beings created by the Builders and are of a totally peaceful nature. Their only form of defence, which the control collars efficiently neutralise, is Starburst.
A Leviathan starburst is a thing of beauty (if I may interject in this very impersonal description). It is a superluminal form of travel which through an energy matrix created on their hull, lets the Leviathans travel through rifts of space-time. However after each Starburst, a leviathan will require a certain amount of rest before being able to attempt the next one.
In spite of being sentient, Leviathans are not good at communicating with other species and even though they can survive on their own, most Leviathans are bonded with a member of the Pilot species, who will act as a liaison and interpreter between the Leviathan and the crew.
The life span of a Leviathan is approximately 300 cycles. Bonded Pilots will die along with the Leviathan even though in their unbound state they would live more than three times longer. Pilots can be transplanted but their choice is to perish with their Leviathan every time.
At the end of their life, free Leviathans will travel to the ancestors burial grounds to rest among other members of their own species.

The main opposing power to the Peacekeepers in this part of the galaxy is the Scarran Empire.
Scarrans are large lizard like humanoids with a questionable sense of fashion, incredible strength and resistance to most known pulse weapon fire due to the resilience of their thick skin.
Their society is also highly hierarchic and clearly divided in casts. The physical appearance of the members of the various casts can change quite dramatically. Their leader is the Emperor aided by a Council of Ministers.
Several other species are totally subjugated to the Scarrans such as the Kalish and the Charrids and are used according to their talents in the smooth and ruthless running of the Empire.
Unlike the Peacekeepers, Scarrans like the heath and possess heath producing glands in their chests, which they use as weapons to torture or kill other heath sensitive species. On the other hand, they suffer the cold and their heat glands can cease functioning in very low temperatures.
Scarran mental faculties are known to be enhanced by the consumption of a flower called Crystherium Utilia.
The largest ships of their fleet are knows as Dreadnaughts.
Scarrans and Peacekeepers alike lay claim to parts of the Uncharted Territories currently free from either military power and war seems to be the only possible outcome of their power struggles.
John Crichton is a pain in their eema too.

Captain Bialar Crais


Commander Mele-on Grayza






Emperor Staleek

Minister of War Ahkna

The Kalish

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