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TVU Challenge 411 - Favourites

I am boring, boring, boring, boring and oh yes, boring!

1. Favourite Fandom

It is by far my favourite show as well as my favourite fandom in the sense of followers and lovers of it.

The show is a space opera full of great characters, super imaginative stories, fantastic acting talent, magnificent make ups and state of the art animatronics from the Henson Company. It ran for four seasons, it got cancelled, the fans went mental (a la Crichton) and we got a mini-series to give us some closure but…

THE GREATEST NEWS EVER IS THAT WE MIGHT GET A NEW MOVIE! Fingers , toes, legs, everything crossed!

The fans, known as Scapers, are just the greatest. The ones that I have been fortunate to get to know are intelligent, funny, open minded and tolerant (which I believe is not always the case in other fandoms although that is only hearsay since I do not belong directly to any others) and I am proud to call a good few of them my friends (insert an AWWWW here!)

 photo 45680_1253547317501_420_315_zpse41be23e.jpg

2. Favourite Character
My choice is the beautiful Leviathan ship, Moya.

In my book Moya is probably the greatest creation in sci-fi. Lots of other shows have sleek, ultra-modern, efficient ships with lots of weaponry and futuristic toys, Farscape has Moya: she is a biomechanoid , a living ship - how great is that? – with NO offensive capabilities. Her only weapon, if we want to call it that, is a defensive one and it is called Starburst: the ability of travelling long distances by opening a gateway through space-time (and she looks magnificent while doing it!)

Moya is sleek, elegant, golden bronze with beautiful curving lines on the outside and on the inside.

We only ever hear her voice once in the entire show and yet she is a fully rounded character with fears and feelings and failings and strengths.

As characters go, she is just unique and beautiful and a genial invention. And I have said this lots and lots of times before but I want to go live on her terrace!

 photo 2b66b6ba-533e-4781-ad12-cbda90c50ec1_zps0ebf18be.jpg

3. Favourite OTP
I have no hesitation: John Crichton/Aeryn Sun.

Their love story is epic. It is feisty, it is angsty, it is super romantic and it just feels right. Their chemistry on screen for me is second to none and a rare treat to behold. They positively smoulder!

Their individual story arcs are beautifully paced through the seasons: they start at opposite ends and finish by meeting in the middle. Over time there is giving and there is taking from both sides in equal measure. They grow together and learn from each other in both light and darkness.

These two are just meant to be together, full stop.

4. Favourite Villain

Again no hesitation: Scorpius from Farscape.

Scopy Sue (as John calls him) is just my ideal villain. He is not black and white (although he IS black and white – I refer you to the picture below!), he is absolutely not a stereotype – far from it.

He can be bad – very bad – and totally unscrupulous but he is the way he is for a reason. He has a clear aim in life and he will do anything to accomplish it. He is intelligent and driven and resourceful and he is played in a beautifully creepy and understated manner by Wayne Pygram.

Villains normally bore me very quickly. Scorpius never ever does that. Another great creation.

 photo 365ee194-f8e6-4d48-b953-e8916170cebe_zps8adfcd5c.jpg

5. Favourite Episode
Gah! So hard to decide. I am torn between about 10 and the top spot changes on a daily basis. Today I can boil it down to two: Die Me Dichotomy and Green Eyed Monster.

Die Me Dichotomy is pure, unadulterated angst and a GREAT season finale but I am going to indulge my sappish side and go for Green Eyed Monster.

GEM has everything you can ask for: adventure, suspense, raw jealousy, comedy, drama and one of the most romantic endings ever. What more can you ask of a TV show?

 photo 3e97cad2-5699-4a9f-be7c-fa5e902d8f6f_zpsfab230a4.jpg
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