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TVU Challenge 312 - The Romance of Tropes

I know I am boring and single-minded but for the subject matter of this challenge Farscape for me is just the best show out there. It offered fantastic relationships (of all kinds) and the best love story/chemistry of all time. So here we go:

1. Meet Cute (this was the best kick-ass encounter of would be lovers ever filmed - hands down!)

 photo meetcute_zps71f3c101.jpg

2. The Four Loves (Affection/family, Friendship, Romance, Unconditional Love). Farscape was built around relationships and their dynamics and created some of the best and most complex ones out there.

 photo fourloves_zps95a9694e.jpg

3. Flirting Under Fire. The poor Moyans were under fire most of the time so flirting by necessity a lot of the time took place under it. This is a lot more than a "flirty" moment in my book but I like the setting and the intensity of it.

 photo flirting_zps14d7b238.jpg

4. Everyone Can See It (apart from the ones involved). I picked this moment, but in fairness Aeryn was probably the only one who could not completely see it at the time, John was just fighting it! :)

 photo everybodycanseeit_zps5a4a357b.jpg

5. Your Favorite Pairing. This will come as no surprise to anybody who knows me!

 photo favoritepairing_zpsc2714693.jpg

6. Headbutt of Love. A trademark love expression for these two together with his holding her face in his big hands. Sigh!

 photo headbutt_zpsb7981f1c.jpg

7. Like an Old Married Couple. These two bickered and argued often but always with such a subtext of sexual chemistry that their arguments were pretty much the equivalent of a porn scene! Get a room already!

 photo likeanoldmarrriedcouple_zps2c2116de.jpg

8. Moment Killer. D'Argo WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?????????

 photo momentkiller_zps404259f2.jpg

9. I Will Find You. He had to go through hell and back but he did! Sigh, again!

 photo iwillfindyou_zps2491841b.jpg

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