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TV Universe Challenge 6 - Phase 2 - What if...

The challenge called for a genre swap.

The Simpsons: a docudrama
An in depth look at some of the main downfalls of modern society.

The show follows the daily activities of an average family:  from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to bed a crew of dedicated cameramen follows this average American family around documenting their interactions, their quirks, their life.  What emerges is a sad commentary to the unravelling of traditional values into excess, violence, cruelty, immorality and the ravages of old age.

The viewers will be left appalled, saddened and, hopefully, ultimately inspired to change their own decadent daily habits.

1. Obesity

 photo obesity_zps64ab2f11.jpg

2. Hooliganism

 photo youth_zpsfdce604c.jpg

3. Loose Morals

 photo pornography_zps5459f3d6.jpg

4. Child Neglect

 photo childneglet_zps97a6b40c.jpg

5. Gratuitous violence

 photo violence_zps11550471.jpg

6. The challenges of ever increasing old age

 photo age_zps730ef0b9.jpg

7. Animal Cruelty

 photo animalabuse_zps2e8cb99b.jpg

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