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TVU Challenge 3 Phase 2 - Charloft Prompts

I swore to myself that for Phase 2 I would not use Farscape again... oh well, as it turns out I lied to myself in spectacular fashion! :D

When I read this challenge, John Crichton just flashed up in my mind in giant neon letters so I had to go with it. I have chosen prompt number 1: Monsters.

The graphics are all pretty self-explanatory if you know the show, if you don't... suffice it to say that he had plenty of literal and metaphorical monsters to face, which has made this challenge pretty easy to complete. Also, trawling for FS caps is always a pleasure, the show was a visual delight on so many levels!

Thanks to for the images.

 photo Torture_zpsdfa82185.jpg

 photo heartbreak_zps2c52a6d9.jpg

 photo rape_zps07f793ff.jpg

 photo loss_zps6d087b0a.jpg

 photo hardchoices_zps9f5af714.jpg

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