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Challenge 20 - Genderbend Recasts

Here are my three entries. When I read the challenge I thought it would be easy to think up suitable recasts - it wasn't! These three though are what came to me, so here you have it.

1. John Barrowman as Chiana/Farscape.
This was actually suggested to me by Marie but when she said it I could see how it might work really well. Both are irreverent, open to a multitude of experiences, cheeky, good looking and both possess an endearing core of sweetness. I think John Barrowman would have made an excellent he-Chiana.

 photo Chiana_03_zpse82d73a2.jpg

 photo johnbarrowancollage_zps7e0d4402.jpg

2. Ben Browder as Madelyn "Maddie" Hayes from Moonlighting
No idea why she came to mind but I think that the main reason is the incredible chemistry she had with her screen partner in that show, which immediately made me think of the Browder/Black chemistry. Both blue-eyed and pretty stunning (for my taste of course), Ben Browder as Maddie Hayes could have made the role work really well.

 photo maddiehayes_zps84ff9c81.jpg

 photo benbrowdercollage_zpsd8af911d.jpg

3. Megan Mullally as Rygel/Farscape
I chose her mainly for the way she played Karen Walker in Will & Grace. Karen like Rygel was selfish, self-centred, sharp-tongued, greedy for drink (Rygel is greedy for food in a very similar way) and yet Megan Mullally played her in a way that, in spite of it all, made us like her thanks to rare flashes of generosity and kindness shining through. Dominar Rygel XVI was the same - he was a selfish brat but you just had to love him (not in small part due to the great voice work of Jonathan Hardy).

 photo Rygel9_zpsf7f72a2f.jpg

 photo rygelcollage_zps1c4160a4.jpg

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