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TV Universe Challenge 14 - Mediums Bingo

I went for the graphics entry even though in a couple of cases I didn't have a clue what I was doing. Love the challenge of trying new things though.

1. Square one: Icon. Captain Picard/Locutus from Stark Trek the Next Generation

 photo picardicon_zps370ecbd4.jpg

2. Square two: Wallpaper. Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory

 photo 18ed3c9d-c13c-4e95-b15c-1eab923e1f7c_zpsb71661da.jpg

3. Square three: Tmblr graphic. Falling Skies.

 photo 8c3cc9a796721b4c1f82bf167a23e114_zps8a05c7cd.jpg

4. Square 4 - Gif - this is my pathetic attempt at making a gif through one of the free gif makers on line - caps provided by and Scene from Coup by Clam/Farscape. Because John Crichton in drag is still not too shabby for me.

 photo output_V0Aivw_zps08054a86.gif

5. Square five: Fanmix Cover. The Big C. Apparently just the front cover was enough but I had already done the back cover with the chosen tracks, so here they are.

 photo 71fe52bd-4fa8-4c0f-b2d0-b5112117ff92_zpsab831695.jpg

 photo c1c1d612-19ff-4302-a6a4-b24a46e31b34_zps2f730c56.jpg

6. Square 6 - Book/Fic Cover - Farscape

 photo 91373efe-c96c-4c18-b6b4-6b8f839a41a2_zps6b6ae4eb.jpg

7. Square 7 - SigTag - Mal Reynolds/Firefly

 photo serenity602_zps87554dce.jpg

8. Square 8 - Header - Harvey Specter/Suits

 photo suits-header_zps2fa87f38.jpg

9. Square 9 - LoveBar - Ok, I really had no idea what this was so I went for a totally self-indulgent/wishful thinking one! Ben Browder from Farscape and Ben Bass from Rookie Blue. A delicious Ben sandwich. Marie was as guilty of this fantasy as I was! :D

 photo Benlovesandwichlovebar_zps9ce9ace3.jpg

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