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TV Universe challenge 12 - In Memoriam

First of all, thanks for giving me these challenges because I am so bored in work at the moment that I would probably become catatonic if I didn't have something to entertain myself with. The sun is shining more brightly than ever outside and I am stuck at a desk, how cruel is that? Anyhoo... moaning over!

1. Ka D'Argo, Farscape/Peacekeeper Wars. I know, I know, it's an obvious one for me but I had to include him. Great final scenes for a great character (although we never see his dead body so you never know... just saying!).

 photo Dargocollage_zpsf3534749.jpg

2. Colonel Henry Blake/McLean Stevenson - M.A.S.H. A very funny character played flawlessly by McLean Stevenson. His death happened off screen, we only hear it from Radar, but it was one of the most shocking deaths in TV for me. The sadness of it so overwhelming - he was finally going back home to his family when his transport got shot down. Sad, sad, sad.

 photo blakecollage_zps296e2112.jpg

3. Artax the Horse, The Never Ending Story - I know I am very weird but often animal deaths affect me more than human ones (does that make me a monster?) - well this one spoiled the 80's for me! LOL. Talking about the swamp of sadness, you should have seen my bedroom for months after this death scene! By the way, I had read the book so I knew it was coming, but it still hit me full force... so this is for Artax and also for one of the horses that actually died drowned during the filming of that scene.

 photo artaxcollage_zpsb65f12b3.jpg

4. Hoban "Wash" Washburne - Firefly/Serenity. Probably not the most entertaining of the Firefly characters (at least for me) but a very likeable one. I did not expect his death in the movie and the manner of it was kind of upsetting, so I guess it stayed with me.

 photo washcollage_zpscdf08458.jpg

5. Vincent Vega - Pulp Fiction. Ok, he was a gangster so he pretty much deserved a bad ending BUT his character and lines were great and John Travolta did a fantastic job with it. Also his death came about in a very unexpected manner that made me go "Wow!", hence my decision to list him here.

 photo vegacollage_zps48c31250.jpg

Honorable mentions:

Janet Fraser - SG1. I was snoozing along as I usually did while watching this show (at least until S9 when my interest suddenly spiked thanks to a certain Colonel Mitchell) when her death hit the screen so suddenly and unexpectedly, I think I actually sat up and said "WTF!"

Dee Dualla - BSG. I was snoozing along (again!) as I usually did watching this show mainly because I could not wait for the end of it (sorry all BSG fans) when Dee went and did that and again I sat up and exclaimed "WTF!" before promptly going back to snoozing.

Maud Flanders - The Simpsons. I did not expect it, not at all and it made me laugh but it also made me go "Wow, did they really write her off???"

Bill Henrickson - Big Love. I kept threatening to stop watching this show all through the five seasons of it because it really bored me in parts but the death of the main character at the very end made me happy that I didn't. Not because I disliked him but because I did not expect it would end the way that it did and all of a sudden it made me appreciate the entire story! Thanks writers for making the bold choice.

Theresa Mills - Se7en. Aka head in the box. Loved all of the movie but the fact that the psychopath wins in the end made it a GREAT movie! Kevin Spacey was perfect in it and the ending, for once, totally satisfied me. The good people don't always win.

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