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TVU Challenge 10 (part 2) - Who said what now?

All original images taken from and - my thanks to those two great sites. I then changed the caps for the challenge.

Yes, I am boring, I have gone for Farscape all the way mainly because it is the only show that I know all episodes and all scenes for by heart. When I read the quotes, some of the images just jumped out at me. So here are eight of them because I could not bring myself to choose.

1.  photo 0b201759-2aa6-4839-a803-50375d9df2c5_zpsc9a9a838.jpg
(Sheldon Cooper, The Big Bang Theory)

2.  photo 464cdf90-ceca-4901-b1ca-d523b5be95ad_zps0abda610.jpg
(Fry, Futurama)

3.  photo d353f29e-cfec-49db-ae85-73b7e46e93ee_zps04dab2a6.jpg
(Greg Sanders, CSI)

4.  photo d6bea9ff-888e-4e68-b400-f42a4d21cb07_zps836b2bd5.jpg
(Christian, Project Runway)

5.  photo 1d629d66-d23d-49f4-be38-0467ea7c342f_zps13906a06.jpg
(Kojak, Kojak)
Sorry this is sad but I just had to do it!

6.  photo 83d35f0f-e859-45e9-b33f-a7c7cb5cee1e_zpsa6313288.jpg
(The Doctor, Dr Who)

7.  photo a911b7af-3ec3-4412-9d0a-46aeddf13973_zps3a0041a7.jpg
(Donna Noble, Dr Who)

8.  photo a884fa6d-fc0b-4e39-967d-856e502c5bf1_zpscc4d941d.jpg
(Harry Salomon, 3rd Rock from the Sun)

This last one will only make sense to a couple of people - kind of an inside-joke, sorry!

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