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TVU Challenge 4 - Big Bang Inspirations

I have gone down the wallpaper route for this one - I have used 5 x textures provided as well as 5 x words/song titles

1 x Person of Interest (Take a Stand)
1 x Elementary (Purple)
1 x Suits (Quote)
2 x Crossovers for Farscape and The Big Bang Theory (Double Exposure and In the Mood)

1. Person of Interest  (Take a Stand)

 photo 4398982b-6836-4a14-bf86-86274d0706a1_zps08869434.jpg

2. Elementary (Purple)

 photo 46197ef9-2de9-4029-b6f8-ccb8fa559efe_zpsa7c915c4.jpg

3.  Suits (Quote)

 photo 85b23304-b505-45e3-8898-03f20870d4f4_zpsc253a08f.jpg

4. Farscape and TBBT Crossover (Double Exposure)

Double Exposure photo image_zps54867d87.png

5. Farscape and TBBT Crossover (In the Mood)

 photo 19a9fc0e-48b2-4b01-99ff-2f6d7221063d_zpsb97d77fa.jpg

Tags: mixed fandom wallpapers, tvu challenge 4
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