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TVU Challenge 7 - A Sight to See

Five collages of some of the best/most memorable sets (for me)

Moya's interiors - Farscape
Alaska's panoramas (or really British Columbia's) - Men in Trees
The bridge of the Enterprise-D - Star Trek the Next Generation
The camp - M.A.S.H.
Moya's terrace - Farscape

1. Moya's golden/bronze interiors - I would gladly live there or in a place that looks like it. Love the colours and hues and beautiful sweeping lines of the set designs (Pilot's den must be one of the best sets ever created)

 photo 4842a843-41b2-4fe3-b39c-67bd2354348c_zpsf1567731.jpg

2. Ok, Men in Trees was a pretty silly show (IMHO) but the setting was pretty stunning and one of the reasons why I watched it - it is supposed to be Alaska but it was actually filmed in British Columbia, Canada.

 photo 4e363e0a-ba8f-44a7-aa08-fe96e6444900_zps5ec7e0ec.jpg

3. TNG was my first sci-fi love and although the Enterprise-D's decor and sets could not be further away from my true love (Moya) I always thought that the bridge of this particular Enterprise was pretty cool and elegant (and my favorite of all the Enterprises). A great place to sit and go forth to explore new worlds and new civilizations... yadda yadda yadda... in an orderly and tidy manner!

 photo d349cdcc-3db5-4fa1-87de-8e08e3fbf807_zps2e415131.jpg

4. I have never been to Korea (and I don't plan to go any time soon) but thanks to this show it will forever look like this in my mind (yep, Korea looks like Malibu Creek State Park in my mind!) :) I grew up with MASH and loved every single ep of it - the setting may not be exactly spectacular but it is, without any doubt, distinctive and recognized at a glance by most people.

 photo 966a53de-2d1f-4882-b2e3-dedb52b89df8_zps4cd5c9be.jpg

5. Last but definitely not least - Moya's terrace! There is very little I can say about it - could there possibly be a more magnificent place to stand or sit or lie down on and stare at the wonders of the universe? Not in my book!

 photo 10a34bab-1c1a-4160-ab53-93a5b4f955ca_zpsff70c7ea.jpg

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