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Challenge 09 - I, ET...My CV

Project Development Manager
Kennedy Space Centre

20th May 2012


Dear Sir/Madam,

Regarding the possible development of a space tour operating business, we would like to propose a collaboration which will hopefully prove lucrative for all parties involved.

Please find attached a copy of our CV for your consideration. Having worked within the industry for over 50 combined cycles years, we have developed a wide range of skills that would meet, and exceed the expectations for the proposed role.

During our careers we have had many achievements, including a successful escape from Peacekeeper captivity, mud water landing on a class M planet, threefold inter-dimensional schism (totally intentional we can assure you), unassisted easy birthing of a hybrid Leviathan/warship offspring, controlled and aimed Starbursts on a regular basis with a 98% arrival success rate. We also boast a large amniotic pool on tier 24, an exotic Hodian-Trill bat pool on tier 1, a solarium cum terrace on tier 36 and several comfortable docking bays and vast numbers of tastefully decorated accommodation quarters.

We are currently unemployed and would relish the opportunity to immediately bring our expertise and commercial success to your esteemed company. If you would like to get in touch to discuss our application and to arrange an interview, you can contact us via comm on megahertz frequency 3.45 or on email at

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully

Pilot and Moya

The Leviathan Moya and the pilot, Pilot
Proposed Tour Company Name: Leviathan Solar System Tours by NASA.

We propose specialising in 3/5/7 solar days guided tours of the solar system or tailor made tours for large groups of over 200 people (terms and conditions for all bookings and applicable single and sharing rates to be agreed as per Earth travel industry parameters – profit margins to be discussed and agreed with NASA.)

Solar system tours will include orbiting of all planets and panoramic exploration of all moons and other space phenomena within the system such as Saturn’s rings, comets, asteroids, etcetera - subject to the duration of the chosen tour, passengers will spend more or less extended periods of time exploring the wonders of your puny magnificent solar system.

Our experience has already been outlined briefly in the enclosed covering letter but it also includes extensive exploration of known parts of the galaxy as well as travel through uncharted and tormented parts of the same.

We boast a state of the art defence shield, the functionality of which we guarantee 100% (a lower percentage applies in the case of highly improbable encounters with Halosians and Sheyangs)

We also offer state of the art ship-wide thermal regulation for all species requirements (for references on this please contact the Draks Monarch).

We can also guarantee high quality entertainment for all passengers by way of holo recreations of space battles (for references on this please contact Varla Nebari High Command) and spectacular sweeping flybys (for references on this please contact Natira any survivor of the Shadow Deposit in the Uncharted Territories).

We admit feeling some discomfort at entering and navigating wormholes but if necessary we are willing to attempt it (for references on this please contact the few remaining Ancients).

We have also garnered experience in time/space anomalies such as Centre Halos and have safely encountered and survived freakish religious storms (for references on freakish storms please contact Borlik  Mordil - unfortunately no references are available at present).

We are also equipped with extra radiation filters making for a smooth, turbulence free ride for the total comfort of our passengers.

Extended Starburst can be arranged at a supplement on normal applicable rates.

Our DRDs will provide a clean and safe environment for all passengers as well as an incomparable cuteness factor not to be underestimated.

Our symbiotic relationship assures continued service and harmonious team effort and performance.

Religious orientation (if required): the Leviathans’ Creators – corpulent god-like entities - hold all of their space-faring children to strict rules of peace. We are therefore by nature mild mannered, loving and patient unless insistently provoked (we recommend tours for Humans and Luxans be run separately as the coming together of the two species can become taxing even for the most tolerant of Pilots)

Our hobbies include reading, wallowing in electromagnetic clusters and listening to Delvian singing.

We have no doubt our tours will prove a resounding success with Humans. We are aware of the human fondness for football and beer and over the cycles years we have become accustomed to their peculiar manner of speaking, we are therefore more than confident that we will be able to cope with their weirdness delightful quirks in a professional and efficient manner.

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