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7 Things Meme - Another one! - Questions compliment of john_scorpy

Is this my fifth or sixth, wow, I have lost count!  Thanks to jsfunction for the FS bonanza of questions - it is one my favourite subjects so this was a pleasure!

1. Favorite FS episodes top 3?
Ok, I am going to give you my top three but not in sequence because I cannot choose and nothing is going to make me! Even these three can change from day to day, so...
A Human Reaction - S1
Crackers Don't Matter - S2
Terra Firma - S4

ARRRGGGG but, but, but what about Green Eyed Monster and Die Me Dichotomy and Revenging Angel? :(
I am spineless I can't really choose, it's like having to choose from your pets - you love them all in different ways!

2. Which FS character do you resemble the most (personality-wise)?
This is a really hard question! I wanna say Rygel! :D
I assume you don't mean physical resemblance otherwise the answer doesn't make sense (I swear I don't look like that!)
I think I would have to say S4 D'Argo - I still have tendencies to hyper-rage but I hope I have learnt to control them. I think I can be trusted with important things and I would also like to believe that people feel they can rely on me if they need me. I also feel quite fiercely protective of the people I love, which I think D'Argo demonstrated especially in later seasons..and I would look totally kick ass with a Qalta blade!

For my worse character traits, definitely Rygel! :D

3. If you could host a challenge at farscapeland, what would it be like?
LOL Tommi, you were not paying attention last phase! ;) I hosted one already and there is one coming up in phase 4 which I will also host later in the month, so I am not going to give it away - suffice it to say that it is to do with hatred, torture and death! :D It's going to be fun!

4. You say you wanted more interaction between Aeryn and the other ladies (yes, I've read your answers too! :D) - which of the jirls would you want to see her interact with the most and why?
Definitily Chiana - I actually really like the few moments we see them together like in Natural Election and Unrealized Realities.  They are so different and yet they really are family.  I would love to have been able to see how they would grow together after PKWars...alas, it was not to be! :(

5. What do you imagine a drannit looks like?
LOL - in my head a drannit is about the size of a raccoon, white, fluffy with a pink pointy nose and black eyes, a long ferret like tail and lovely dainty paws - I have no idea why! :D

6. Favorite FS season?
Season 3 and yes I know none of my top three eps are from S3 but I think as a whole it just offered so much - great story arc ideas, mind shattering angst and great comedic moments - it really was all encompassing!

7. If you had to completely eliminate one FS character from canon, who would it be? (No, it can't be Jena - someone who has been a part of the Moya crew!)
Ouch!  I am not going to win any friends but I was never too fond of Zhaan's personality - I love her make up and I love her relationship with John in S1 but I never really found her too enthralling - she definitely had her moments but compared to the other Moyans, I have to say Zhaan (will the Goddess send me nightmares tonight for saying that?)

Thanks for asking the questions!
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