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7 things meme - questions by Ginaa2

Thanks Gin for the fab questions...I am actually finding stuff out about myself I never knew in trying to answer all the questions from this game!


1. You have to survive on your own personal garden, what do you plant?
First of all, I must absolutely clarify, I am a city girl! I was born in a big city and live in a medium size city, so growing and planting things for me is probably as unlikely as suddenly teleporting on board Moya! :D
However I would think that my choice would be beans for protein, potatoes for carbs, lettuce, tomatoes and peppers for minerals and onions for taste! I think that would give me quite a balanced diet...can you plant and grow chickens, because if you can I would totally opt for those! :D

And of course lots of fruit trees! 

2. Of all the places you have traveled to for work, where would you choose to retire?
That is a hard one!  I have lived away from Italy now longer than I actually lived there to start off with but I think maybe in my old age I would not mind going back - the weather is fabulous and I guess my family is over there so maybe that woudl be my first option.

If Italy doesn't count, I think I maybe would pick somewhere like Montana or Wyoming - I love mountains and the outdoors in general...however I would have to have plenty of money to buy food in supermarkets because as I mentioned in answer number 1, I would probably starve otherwise!

3. What is your favorite music to dance to?
I don't dance and I can assure you, you don't want to see me dance! However if under threat of, let's say, the Aurora Chair, I would probably opt for 80's music - I was in my teens in that decade and some of the music was fab and quite catchy!

4. What makes a man sexy to you?
Uh - I love this question!
Hard to answer though...
What I love in a man is a good sense of humour, intelligence, self-deprecation, kindness, strength of character and the ability to stand up to me (I do not like floor mats!)
Physically - I don't really mind what he looks like if he has most of the above attributes, however a nice genuine smile, a deep voice and height (he totally needs to be tall) would help greatly in wooing me!

Do black leather trousers, a pulse pistol and a leather vest count?  Because if he can pull those off, I am totally his! :) 

5. If you could have any car in the world, what would it be and why?
I absolutely do not care about cars.  I drive a 2000 Ford Focus Estate and I will drive it until it stops and begs me to be put out of its misery! I think of cars as just means of getting places that are not close enough to walk to! 

If I ever have animals again, I would like to have something comfortable to fit them in - that is all I require!

6. You are going on a long space voyage, you can take 4 women (fictional or real), who do you choose?
The Module Keepers of course! What a silly question! :D
I am totally serious too - who else can I find that I already love, who share my love for space and whom I know I get on with?

However I would love the other Scapecoaters to come too - I guess we could squeeze them in, couldn't we?

7. You have just secured financing to do an episode of Farscape, What will your story line be?
I think this might be an upcoming challenge on FSland! LOL
Just one episode?  ARG so hard!
I actually would like to see an action ep where the guys get into real trouble and the girls need to find a way to rescue them and to do so they need to really work together - I always wanted to see more of Aeryn interacting with the other women, so I would probably centre it on that..or if I was given total freedom, probably a 45 minute John/Aeryn romp in minute detail - Meltdown would totally pale in comparison! :DDDD

I am telling you this is fun! Thanks for the questions!

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