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7 things meme - questions asked by Jacquelee

Okay here are 7 more answers to questions asked by jacquelee - thanks Jac!

This game is quite fun!

1. What was your childhood dreamjob?
Up to the age of 17 I wanted to be an archeologist - I was totally convinced I would be - there was absolutely no doubt in my mind - you know Daniel in SG1? That was me, yessirree!  Then one day I woke up and decided I wanted to be a doctor instead - why? No idea, I guess teen-age hormones kicked in! LOL
I ended up being neither, I went to uni and studied Foreign Languages and Literatures and graduated in that instead and I still do nothing even close to that field! Go figure!

2. Would you rather fly aboard the Enterprise, the Galactica or the Daedalus? (yep, leaving out Moya on purpose ;))
Seriously this is the easiest question to answer ever: 
I would airlock myself if I had to live on Galactica - absolutely no hesitation on that, out of the airlock I'd jump!
I would probably only last a couple of weeks on the Daedalus (was Cam ever on the Daedalus?  Because if he was I am totally changing my answer!) and then I would die of boredom.
But I wouldn't mind living on the Enterprise! Not the original one, Kirk would totally seduce me in no time at all (LOL) but on the NG Enterprise - absolutely! I would follow Picard around just to listen to his voice and stalk Worf (yes, I fancy him, I am a freak!) until he does a sexy Klingon dance just for me! :D

3. Module or Prowler (meaning only the vessels of course, what do you think?)
Oh the Module is cute with its little stubby nose and foldaway wings! But I would definitely go for the Prowler - it's black, it's sleek, it's deadly and you have to wear that deadly ocular thingy when flying it!  Prowler hands down!

4. If you could only wear one color for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Ouch!  I want to say denim because I live in jeans but denim shirts are not my favourite..or jackets!  So I would go for black! I love black and I guess I could get black jeans!

5. Which dead ferret do you find most appaling, the Jeremiah Crichton one, the Crichton Kicks one, or the most recent one in Doctor Who?
Jeremiah Crichton is number one on the appalling scale - again no contest - it wasn't really his anyway in the first place and it was quite obvious! LOL
Crichton Kicks would come next - I actually didn't really mind it at all - I loved the reddish hue of his beard - it was maybe a touch too bushy...I am specifically thinking of the practicality in case kissing was to occur! Yep a little too bushy but livable with! 
The Dr Who one is sexy!  LOL, people are saying that it makes him look like a 70's porn star...oh well should I really comment on that? No, maybe not! But stroking that beard, not a chore at all, my dear Jac! ; )

6. Austronaut suit, PK leather coat or just the PK vest?
All three!
Don't make me choose!
I love the coat (I bought the coat for frell's sake) and I love him in the suit (I gather you mean the GEM one) WOOF! but I think I might go for the PK vest with black T underneath and leather pants - just because I can then enjoy some arm porn!

7. Now the biggie: Your internet is down for a week! What do you do?
I run around in circles banging my head against the wall!
No seriously I would be seriously cheesed off!  I might however attack my backlog of recorded programmes on my Sky Plus (which is almost full!) and read a little more...with fits of head banging in between! :)

Thanks for the questions, I hope you like the answers! :-)
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