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7 question meme - questions by damnedscientist

I am obviously a sucker for this! Thanks damnedscientist for the  questions...below are the answers

If you want questions, ask me and I will deliver them (if I can think up any decent ones!)

1. You’ve asked myself and 4 assorted famous people along to a dinner party. What’s on the menu?
I don't cook! So I would have to say god love you and the other four famous people - YOU ARE GONNA STARVE! However if I knew how to cook more than the very basic stuff I cook to survive, the menu would probably be something along the following lines:

Starter: brown homemade soda bread with whiskey butter and smoked Scottish salmon
Main course: Seafood risotto (sorry don't like meat, so carnivores would suffer at my table)
Second main course: Lemon and parsley fillet of hake with assorted vegetable and garlic potatoes
Dessert: Something with fruit in it - maybe a fruit tart and cream or a platter of assorted cheeses

Accompanied of course by plenty of white wine and water

I can see the grimaces of horror out there - LOL does that mean nobody will ever accept a dinner invitation from me???

2. S1-John or S-4 John?
This is a really hard question!!!
Realistically as a life companion: S1 John - I love his wide eyed innocence and curiosity and gentleness and sweetness (and hotness but that is a constant!) and I could live with that on a daily basis very happily.

S-4 is probably sexier in a more dangerous, black-leather, I am a good man but don't mess with me because I can be lethal type of way which is super hot, but living on a daily basis with what's in his mind - demons, regrets, guilt, torture induced nightmares - would be hard! Although consoling him when waking up from a I am not going to go there!

S-1 John it is!

3. Which would you rather, romance or smut?
Romantic smut! But you know that! LOL OK that is cheating, if I was really forced to choose, I would choose romance, I am a sucker for it!

4. If you could do any job you wanted, what would it be?
Working with animals - setting up a charity and running a shelter for dogs and cats and other animals - definitely.  If we are talking about a paid job (because the charity one would probably require independent wealth to survive) I would love to have had the stamina (and probably brains) to become a neuro-surgeon - brains fascinate me!

5. How would you spend a perfect Sunday afternoon?
Pretty much doing what I am doing at the moment - that is nothing! :D Sunday afternoons I like reading a good book, maybe watching something good I have recorded. When I had a dog, I loved going out for long walks with him on the beach on a sunny day - yep pure and unadulterated self indulgence!

6. Jool or Sikozu (take this however you like)?
Uh another hard one - I like them both as characters but if I was on Moya and had to be stuck with either one of them I might have to go for Sikozu for the simple reason that she is not as needy and clingy and she would probably despise me and hence leave me alone more (I love my own company so no problem with that) - besides she only needs to eat a few times a year, so more food for me (even though the idea of food cubes kind of cools that enthusiasm down!)

7. What is or was your favourite item of clothing?
A pair of Jean Norman jeans, which in my opinion make me look a lot slimmer than I actually am! I say in my opinion because other people may beg to differ! :D

Ok how did I do?

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