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7 Things Meme - started by Lisa

This is a 7 Things Meme (I have no idea how they work) but I was told that I need to answer 7 questions - if you want to continue the meme,  ask me to ask you for 7 questions and I will be happy to do so!

OK - the questions asked were the following:

1.  1. You can sleep with EITHER John or Cam. Who do you choose? (LOL)

This is a SOB of a frelling question, Lisa!

First of all, after a good sweating session at the thougth of that occurring with either one, my serious answer is this:  John is definitely by far my favourite character between the two - no doubt whatsoever about that! However if I really had the choice to sleep with one of them, I would probably choose Cam.  Why?  Well a couple of reasons: first of all Aeryn would so destroy my ass, it's not even funny.  Secondly, John is John but as time goes by he really gets more and more frelled up - would I be able to cope with his demons?  Probably not.  Thirdly (this is s a draw): John wears leather (thumbs up) but Cam wears a uniform (also thumbs up). Fourth: John lives on Moya (my not so secret love) but Cam has free access to a wormhole (without all of John's uncertainty in navigating them) - another draw. Lastly: John would be thinking of Aeryn all of the time during this supposed tryst (a definite no no) while Cam might actually pay some attention to me for me (a definite plus)!

So the reluctant answer is Cam but it will take some time before I forgive you for making me choose, Lisa!

2. If you could have an exotic animal for a pet, what kind would you want?
I would like to have a koala bear.  I was lucky enough to hold one and they are soft and cuddly and sweet and they smell wonderfully of eucalyptus

3. You can only listen to one band/musician for the rest of your life. Who is it?
AARRRGH - I have no idea! I am going to cheat - band: Queen.  Musician: Cat Stevens.  Yes I am extemely old (which practically excludes the possibility of either person in question number one ever even looking my way if we met! :D)

4. Shag/Marry/Get drunk with: Cam, Ronon, Rodney
This one is easy!
Shag: Ronon (as a last fling before marrying Cam, whom I would never betray after that because I am a really monogamous person!)
Marry: Cam (totally!)
Get drunk with Rodney (it might be fun actually!)

5. Funniest thing you've seen this week
I don't think I have seen anything funny this week...actually I lie, this is not really funny in itself but I totally laughed - a girl parked a car just beside the office where I work.  She went to reverse out of the parking space but she obviously was in first gear instead of reverse, she panicked, pressed the accelerator instead of the brakes and crashed head on into an Indian restaurant and when I say into it, I mean they had to drag the car out of the shop! :D  She is OK, but the car and the shop are wrecked...ok it might not sound funny but it was at the time especially when listening to my male colleagues' comments about women drivers.

6. One thing you still want to do in your life
I dunno, there are a few.  Travel around New Zealand is one, I guess (which is feasible) and something I would like to do if I had the means would be to open an animal shelter (with Marie!)

7. Absolute favourite meal and why
Chinese noodles with prawns and mixed seeds - I just love the taste of noodles and prawns and the crunchiness of the seeds - even better with a touch of garlic salt (by the way that was my dinner today!)

Here we go, these are my answers!  What do they say about me - that I am a tralk when it comes to characters played by Ben Browder (absolutely!), that I like cuddly animals (true), that my sense of humour is a little warped (totally)!

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