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Challenge 15 - But...What's in It?

Two of the most popular drinks of the UTs - if you are Sebacean or Charrid, please enter - if you are Scarran or like hell!

Name: The Living Death Cocktail– for Sebaceans who like to live and party dangerously

Ingredients: a medium sized Scarran heat-gland, Raslak and a Sheyang fire spit-ball

How to make it: Take the heat-gland and place it in enough raslak for it to float comfortably in, put both in a Wormhole blender (that’s the brand name of the blender, by the way… I think I should patent it, it makes for a brilliant one! ) and mix for 66 microts. Pour into suitable container and flambé by way of punching a Sheyang in the stomach.

Sebaceans, Peacekeepers especially, love the taste but have very poor tolerance for it – it is highly advised that if consumed, a gimp leather cooling suit be ready nearby to avoid terminal zombification.


Name: The Charrid Delight Cocktail – served on the Charrid home-world in very high class refreshment houses.

Ingredients: An adult male or female Hynerian, rakkan spirit extracted from marinated marjoules and the final all important hair of Kalish Hapooda.

How to make it: Take the Hynerian slug, slice it open, remove the three stomachs and grate the remaining body parts into a fine powder. Pour said powder into the rakkan spirit and stir until all lumps have dissolved. Pour into glass and add one hair of Kalish Hapooda for the smoky effect

This one was obviously not stirred properly! :)

(These are only my second attempt at manips so be kind! And yes I am wearing a Farscape fleece with the following quote “Have we sent the Don’t Shoot We are Pathetic signal yet?” – which is really a fair representation of my status in life! :D)

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