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Rewatch Reminder - Fractures

Sorry guys I am so late with this reminder but I just plain forgot - how is that for honesty? :D

Anyway this is the one that sees the crew of Talyn - minus one :'( - rejoin the Moya crew after half a season of separation (how great and daring a concept  was that from the writers and producers?! Kudos, Farscape!).

Of course Green John is all excited at the prospect of seeing Aeryn again (love this scene where D'Argo shows his feminine side by telling John that he always thought the green shirt did not suit the shape of his body and with John showing off his chest because really... what was I saying?)

 photo GYeFUq4_zps6b5f4a07.gif

And this is probably the most painful reunion of two lovers ever filmed. The acting is just superb.

Look at that happy, puppy-like face full of anticipation

 photo tumblr_lr6gx3LDp31qcv08do1_r1_250.gif  photo tumblr_lr6gx3LDp31qcv08do3_250.gif

And that deadpan "Hello, John" from Aeryn are probably the two cruellest words of the show. FS is never ever afraid to stomp all over our shippy hearts, that's for sure!  Can you just imagine what she must have been feeling seeing John again after "burying" him so painfully only a short while earlier?

 photo tumblr_lr6gx3LDp31qcv08do2_r1_250.gif  photo tumblr_lr6gx3LDp31qcv08do4_250.gif

And look at the confusion and pain on that face!

 photo tumblr_lr6gx3LDp31qcv08do5_400.gif

Sorry! I know that is a very shippy take on this ep so let's move on to the rest of the story.

What are you favourite parts? I love the Jool/Crais/Boolite scenes (fun) and I immediately really really liked Naj Gil and, like D'Argo, I probably would have befriended him on the spot.  And then we have Hynerian sex! D: D: D: D: Something I never want to see again and for which I have no words (or thankfully gifs).

Anyway overall a bleak and angsty episode with some short lighter moments badly needed to give us a chance to take our breaths back.

I hope to see you all on Sunday night!
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