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TVU 12.1 - Community Promotion
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Community Promotion Post - TVU 1101

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TVU Challenge 904 - One Little Spark of Inspiration
J/A kiss deleted scene
Five wallpapers (all Farscape, yet again) for the Big Bang for phase 9 of TV Universe - I used five of the textures provided.

There is no hiding that these were rushed but I still enjoyed making them!

Thanks as always to farscapecaps.com

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901 Community Promotion
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TVU Challenge 710 - 3TP - Family, friends, romance
Written for TVU Challenge 710 – 3TP – Family/Friends/Romance

Set just after Bounty in Season 10 of SG-1

Characters:  Cameron Mitchell/Wendy Mitchell.  Vala Mal Doran/Samantha Carter.  Cameron Mitchell/Vala Mal Doran.

Un-betaed - all mistakes are 100% mine.

This is my first non-Farscape fic.  Okay, it's a Cam/Vala fic so it is sort of sideways Farscape but at least I tried!

Prophecy (PG-13/15 for sexual content)

“She said WHAT?!” Cameron almost dropped the cell phone in embarrassment and shock.

“Yes, that’s what she said.  In every room of the house.  Sex, sex, sex.” Wendy Mitchell laughed, wickedly enjoying her straight-laced son’s discomfort.

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TVU Challenge 704 - Big Bang Inspirations
6 Farscape Wallpapers

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TV UNIVERSE Challenge 614 - Holiday Traditions
The challenge called for us to choose one (or more) prompts from among the following:

+ Five (5) holiday traditions of your favorite character(s) (or ones they've given up)
+ Five (5) best (or worst) holiday gifts they've received
+ Five (5) times one of your favorite characters missed a holiday celebration
+ Five (5) gifts they'll be giving this holiday season
+ Five (5) favorite foods from the holiday season
+ Five (5) times the weather ruined their holiday celebration
+ Five (5) plans for the holiday break (if they get a vacation, that is)

I chose Five Times one of your favourite characters missed a holiday celebration.

Character chosen John Crichton - Farscape - approximately 1100 words in total

Rated PG-13, maybe PG-15 at a stretch with reference to the last of the holidays.

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